Cheating At Fishing. Is This Who We Are Now?

Welcome to Church Pew Sports Ep 81 – Cheating At Fishing. Is This Who We Are Now?

This week we take a “deep dive” into a pair of scandals, one of which has rocked the world of competitive fishing as a pair of competitors were busted inserting weights into the fish they “caught,” and claimed big money as “champions.”

The moment they were discovered has gone viral and opened a conversation about where we are as a society – will we cheat at anything in order to win?

Special Guest Matt Markey, Outdoor Writer for the Toledo Blade joins us for the inside scoop on the controversy.

We then explore accusations of cheating in the world of chess, welcoming in Scott McConnell from the American Conservative to discuss his fascinating exploration of the allegations rocking the world of chess.

This week’s CPS Starting Host Lineup:

Bill Hobson

Pastor Paul Miller

Jordan Rajewski

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