LIV & Let LIV – Scruples For Sale

Welcome to Church Pew Sports Ep 64 – LIV & Let LIV – Scruples For Sale

This edition of CPS was recorded at the halfway point of the US Open being contested in Brookline, MA with the subtext of the Saudi Golf League (LIV) controversy hanging over the national championship.

We explore the golf implications as well as the morality play on full display for those players who have made the decision to take incredible amounts of money from the Saudi regime, potentially ending their PGA Tour careers.

Is it sheer greed? Shortsighted avarice? A business decision? All of those and more?

We welcome in special guests Bob Casper and Brian Taylor from Real Golf Radio to talk about the issues.

This week’s CPS Starting Host Lineup:

Bill Hobson

Pastor Paul Miller

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