Real Stories from an NFL Chaplain – Faith, Football & Life

Welcome to Church Pew Sports Ep 30 – Faith, Football & Life Inside The NFL

Dave Wilson spent 33 years as the Detroit Lions Chaplain and he joins us to provide an up close look at the combo of faith, life, and football in the NFL…along with some fantastic stories about the Barry Sanders era.

It’s not everyday we get to talk with the “all time losing-est chaplain in NFL history (his words),” so be sure to listen in for tremendous insight, history, and life lessons!

Today, Dave and wife Ann host the “Family Life Today,”  podcast and radio program – exploring the connection between worship and relationships.

Join this week’s CPS starters for a lively discussion!

Pastor Paul Miller – Hopevale Church in Saginaw, MI

Bill Hobson – Hopevale Church

Pastor Leo Robinson, II – Good Church in Flint, MI

David Collins – Grand Rapids

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