When Your Favorite Team Crushes Your Hopes and Dreams

Welcome to Church Pew Sports Ep 14 as we reveal the most crushing moments our favorite teams have provided over the years.

Every sports fan has been crushed by their favorite teams at some point. For us the Tigers, Lions, UM Football, Bears, and Pistons have been part of our most painful memories. You’ll hear and relive them with us in this cathartic Church Pew Sports conversation!


Join this week’s CPS starters for a lively discussion!

Pastor Paul Miller – Hopevale Church in Saginaw, MI

Pastor Dan Davis – Hopevale Church in Saginaw, MI

Jay Laffoon – Celebrate Your Marriage Ministries

Bill Hobson – Elder – Hopevale Church in Saginaw, MI

Be sure to listen to the 3-Minute Message at the end and please share the link so we can continue to grow the CPS audience!

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