Gambling, Sports, & Faith w/ Armen Keteyian

Welcome to Church Pew Sports Ep 119 – Gambling, Sports, & Faith w/ Armen Keteyian

In one of the most important and fascinating discussions we’ve ever had on Church Pew Sports, Emmy winning Investigative Reporter Armen Keteyian (60 Minutes, HBO, Sports Illustrated, NYTimes best-seller) joins us to talk about the impact of gambling on sports, life, and the legendary Billy Walters – the most prolific gambler in Las Vegas history.


You’ll also learn of the connection between Walters and Phil Mickelson and what misguided obsession can lead to.

This is an incredibly insightful discussion, so please listen and share the link!


This week’s CPS Starting Host Lineup:

Bill Hobson

Pastor Paul Miller

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