The Mel Tucker Mess at Michigan State University

Welcome to Church Pew Sports Ep 122 – The Mel Tucker Mess at Michigan State University

The news coming out of East Lansing has been ugly as Spartan Football Coach Mel Tucker has been suspended without pay as the school investigates very serious and troubling charges against him. What exactly happened, when the school knew there was a problem, and the way it has all been handled has resulted in major upheaval and anger among Spartan Nation.

On this edition of CPS, we take a serious look at the layers of issues surrounding this sad saga. Helping us do that is the “Dean” of Lansing sports, Tim Staudt. With 54 years covering MSU, Staudt is the ultimate insider and authority of what’s really happening with the school, the city, and the story.

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Bill Hobson

Pastor Paul Miller

Pastor Jeff Coulter

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